Интеграция на WooCommerce с ERP системи: стъпки, ползи и предизвикателства

WooCommerce Integration with ERP Systems: Steps, Benefits and Challenges

When you start an online store, you create a digital presence that can bring you a wealth of new opportunities. WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, thanks to its flexibility, powerful features and ability to integrate with many other systems. The integration of WooCommerce with an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be essential to improve the efficiency and management of your online store. But what are the steps, benefits and challenges?

Използване на Node.js и Express.js за създаване на RESTful API за вашите WordPress приложения

Using Node.js and Express.js to create a RESTful API for your WordPress applications

With the power of modern JavaScript technologies such as Node.js and Express.js, WordPress developers can integrate WordPress into interactive, modern, and web-based applications. These technologies not only increase the capabilities of WordPress, but also open doors to new and innovative ways of using the platform. In this article, we'll look at how we can use Node.js and Express.js to create a RESTful API for your WordPress applications.

Интеграция на GraphQL и ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) в WordPress

GraphQL and ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) integration in WordPress

After facing the challenges of traditional REST APIs, GraphQL emerges as a modern and efficient way to extract data from your WordPress site. When this powerful technology is combined with the flexibility of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), we can achieve incredible flexibility and control in managing our content.

Използване на Machine Learning и AI инструменти във вашия WordPress сайт

Using Machine Learning and AI tools on your WordPress site

Modern technologies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (Machine Learning) are increasingly actively entering every sphere of our daily life, and the sphere of web development and specifically WordPress is no exception. Let's take a look at how you can integrate and use these technologies in your WordPress site or online store.

Гъвкавост и мащабируемост с headless WordPress: какво, защо и как

Flexibility and scalability with headless WordPress: what, why and how

Headless WordPress is a concept that describes the separation between the frontend (the user interface) and the backend (the server part and the database) of a WordPress site. In other words, in headless WordPress, only the CMS (Content Management System) is used to create and manage the content, which can then be delivered to any frontend using an API.

Как да създадем виртуална реалност (VR) и допълнена реалност (AR) изживявания с WordPress

How to create virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences with WordPress

The use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in web design is a growing trend that offers extraordinary opportunities to create unique and interactive user experiences. Here's a brief introduction to how to integrate these technologies into your WordPress site.

Как да интегрираме блокчейн технологии във вашия WordPress сайт

How to integrate blockchain technologies into your WordPress site

Blockchain is a rapidly developing technology that offers new and innovative opportunities in areas such as transactions, security and data management. In this article, we'll look at how to integrate blockchain technology into your WordPress site and how it can make it easier to interact with users and improve their overall experience.

Създаване на PWA (Progressive Web Apps) с помощта на WordPress

Creating PWA (Progressive Web Apps) using WordPress

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are web applications that use the latest web technologies to provide a user experience similar to that of mobile applications. They are fast, reliable and can function offline or with a weak internet connection thanks to background services. PWAs can be added to the home screen of mobile devices and send push notifications, making them ideal for improving user engagement.

Използване на GraphQL с WordPress: въведение и примери за приложение

Using GraphQL with WordPress: an introduction and application examples

GraphQL is a modern query and data manipulation technology that offers a more flexible and efficient way for client and server applications to communicate. Developed by Facebook in 2012 and open sourced in 2015, GraphQL has become the preferred choice for many developers due to its flexibility and rich capabilities.

Интегриране на WordPress с други CMS и платформи: техники и предизвикателства

Integrating WordPress with other CMS and Platforms: Techniques and Challenges

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) used to create and maintain websites. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to integrate WordPress with other CMS or platforms to achieve certain functionality or greater flexibility. In this article, we will look at the main techniques and challenges involved in integrating WordPress with other CMS and platforms.

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