Web design
for your business

I will design for your business a brand new modern, professional, beautiful and adaptable website with all the features needed to attract and convert visitors into customers.

Design matters

Good design means higher sales

Proper design will increase your revenue simply because good design turns visitors into customers.

WordPress based

WordPress is the world's leading content management system (CMS), currently powering more than a third of all websites. The main reasons for the dominant position can be found in the ease of use, vast configuration options and reliable technical support.

Adaptive design

Adjusting the web design according to the device used is an important condition for the quality of the website nowadays. Visitors use mobile devices, desktops, game consoles, smart TVs and other devices. It is necessary to ensure equal presentation of the page for all of them.

Intuitive navigation

The main function that websites perform is to provide information in an accessible way. Lack of adequate structure and ways to find content would repel visitors. There are standards that must be met to ensure a positive user experience.

Page speed

Loading speed is one of the main criteria by which search engines determine the ranking of websites. This aspect of web design is important, but is often overlooked by people who do it at the expense of effectiveness. Websites need to load in less than 2 seconds so as not to repel visitors.

SEO optimized

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of improving the ranking of websites and attracting visitors. The method is sustainable because it provides stable levels of organic (free) traffic for a relatively long period of time. Optimization is an important element of the marketing mix of all websites.

Improved security

Internet sites are subject to constant cyber attacks, which seek unprotected places in the configuration in order to gain unauthorized access. These threats are particularly risky for e-commerce websites. Specific protocols need to be followed to protect against such security threats.

Let's start with your design now.

What kind of design to choose?

Information site

  • Website of 5 pages.
  • WordPress CMS.
  • Blog setup.
  • Setting up a contact form.
  • Basic SEO optimizations.
  • Google Maps and Analytics integration.

Online store

  • 12-page website.
  • WordPress CMS.
  • Blog setup.
  • WooCommerce setup.
  • Basic SEO optimizations.
  • Google Maps and Analytics integration.
  • SSL certificate integration.
  • Additional security setting.
  • Additional speed optimization.

Web design in three steps

business discussion with team

1. Planning

The planning stage could be identified as the most important in the process. Together with the client, both the goals and the ways and time frames for their achievement are defined. Detailed planning would avoid deviations from expectations.

design process step 2

2. Design

During the design phase, the actual creation of the structure, design and functionality of the website is carried out. According to the agreement with the client, a number of revisions are carried out, which aim to eliminate inaccuracies in the workmanship.

sdesign process step 3

3. Delivery

During the final third stage, the completed website is presented and final corrections are made. According to the client's preferences for the hosting service, the files are transferred and quality assurance tests are performed.

Let's start designing your new website today.

Impress your customers with the latest modern design trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website design can be a complex process - it would take a lot of time and effort to tackle the challenge on your own. Whether you want a redesign or a completely new website, I am at your disposal to do the hard work and create a modern, professional, beautiful and adaptable website experience, optimized to attract and turn visitors to your site into customers.

Yes, I will be happy to browse your existing website and provide a personalized offer for the updates you want.

I will be happy to review your website and provide a troubleshooting offer. Please note that I must first assess whether I am able to troubleshoot.

Absolutely. The training is included in the price, so I will show you how to manage your new website and how to update its content, including text and images.

I will be happy to provide subscription services to your new website and to perform regular maintenance and updates. This service is available at an additional cost.

Of course. You will be actively involved in the process of creating your new website.

Absolutely. The design of all my websites is adaptive, which means that the content of your website will adapt to all screen sizes, including those of smartphones, tablets, desktops and more.

Yes, for this purpose I use the e-commerce platform WooCommerce, which is suitable for transforming WordPress sites into fully functional online stores.

The process can take from a few weeks to a month - it all depends on the type of design you choose. During the project planning phase, I will commit to a schedule based on the requirements of your website to know when you can expect it to be completed.

Methods of payment and invoicing

All contracts, invoices and payments between the parties are processed through the platform USEME.EU. In this way the interests of the parties to the transaction are guaranteed and protected.

When concluding and entering into force a web design contract, it is necessary to pay in advance 50% of the price agreed during the first stage of the process. The rest of the amount is paid as follows - 40% at the end of the second stage of the process and before transferring the files to a server specified by you. The remaining 10% from the price - up to seven days from the date of file transfer.