Изображение 1 Логата на Elementor Divi и Beaver Builder

Using ready-made Page Builder solutions: Elementor, Divi and Beaver Builder compared

In today's fast-paced digital space, creating attractive and functional websites is key to the success of your business. In this article, we'll take a look at three popular Page Builder solutions—Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder—to determine what advantages and disadvantages each offers and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Изображение 1 Логата на Elementor Divi и Beaver Builder

1. Elementor

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress Page Builders on the market. It offers a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to easily and quickly build any web page without the need for coding.


  • Intuitive and fast drag and drop editor
  • A rich library of ready-made templates and elements
  • Compatibility with multiple WordPress themes and plugins
  • Responsive design support
  • Advanced CSS control
  • Free and premium version


  • It requires some resources from the server
  • Integration of additional plugins may be required for some functionalities
Изображение 2 Снимка на Elementor интерфейса

2. Divi

Divi is also a very popular Page Builder developed by Elegant Themes. It offers a powerful and flexible drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create custom web designs without programming knowledge.


  • Built into Elegant Themes' Divi theme
  • Many ready-made templates and modules for a variety of functionalities
  • Responsive design support
  • Ability to edit the website in real time
  • Built-in A/B testing options


  • Requires annual subscription or one-time license purchase
  • It may prove difficult to use for novice users
  • Limited compatibility with other themes and plugins not developed by Elegant Themes
Изображение 3 Снимка на Divi интерфейса

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is an extremely flexible and reliable drag-n-drop Page Builder for WordPress that integrates seamlessly with almost all themes and plugins. It offers a wide range of functionalities that help developers create custom websites without having to write code.


  • Easy to use drag and drop editor
  • A wide variety of ready-made templates and modules
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins
  • Responsive design support
  • Free and premium version


  • Fewer customization options compared to Elementor and Divi
  • Requires integration of additional plugins for some functionality
Изображение 4 Снимка на Beaver Builder интерфейса

Choosing the right Page Builder depends on your needs and preferences. Elementor is an excellent choice for users looking for an intuitive and powerful tool with a wide variety of functionalities. Divi is suitable for those who prefer to work with Elegant Themes and wish to use the built-in real-time editing and A/B testing options. Beaver Builder is perfect for those looking for a flexible and reliable solution compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which Page Builder is best for you is to test them all and see which one best suits your needs and requirements.

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